Send data from Umbraco to WinKAS

Umbraco to WinKAS is a tailored software solution that integrates Umbraco CMS with WinKAS data. This solution approach allows websites running in Umbraco or any .NET based web application to push and read data from WinKAS.

Send data from Umbraco to WinKAS

Product features

Create contacts and payments

Generate debtor and register payments with invoices in WinKAS after successful transaction.

Update contacts via API

Edit, update and de-/active existing Debtors from Umbraco.

Login with WinKAS

Login to Umbraco as WinKAS debtor and see and update your information

Contact us

For more information please call Jukka-Pekka Keisala at +45 42400965 or drop an email at